44 Things to repair

My goal is to share how I have fixed 44 things. It may take a while to get there.
Why throw away when you can fix!

Latest from the Blog

Inlet/Drain Fault on Miele G1023 Dishwasher Fixed for $3

We usually run the dishwasher overnight, one morning the inlet/drain red light was on and the wash had not started. First of all why just have on light for both the drain and for the inlet ? Sure they have water in common but that’s about it! Diagnosis I started looking at the drain by…

94 Celica Head Gasket

Overcoming 25 years of wear to change the head gasket on a 1994 2.2L Celica

WFH Chair Fix

Working from home has put undue stress on one of my office chairs causing Liz to fall over. Not nice ! Even the cat was not impressed. All I needed to do was to make a replacement part. Time for some 3D printing.First you need a model to generate your 3D print. There are a…

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