WFH Chair Fix

Working from home has put undue stress on one of my office chairs causing Liz to fall over. Not nice ! Even the cat was not impressed. All I needed to do was to make a replacement part. Time for some 3D printing.First you need a model to generate your 3D print. There are a…

Reviving a 2013 Xbox One

My daughter was dismayed that our Xbox One console that we’ve had for 7 years would not power on. It would just make the do-do-dut sound when the on button was touched. It was a rainy weekend, so I thought let’s have a go at this. It ended well and only cost $5 in parts.…

Intro to 44 Repairs

Over the years, I have repaired cars, computers, toys, ovens, thongs, pool pumps, netball uniforms and many things I can’t remember. I aIso love DIY ranging from the typical wood working, mechanics and even utilitarian sewing! I am starting this blog to share how I have fixed things. I really hate throwing usable things away.…

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