WFH Chair Fix

Working from home has put undue stress on one of my office chairs causing Liz to fall over. Not nice !

Even the cat was not impressed.

All I needed to do was to make a replacement part. Time for some 3D printing.
First you need a model to generate your 3D print. There are a few ways of doing this
– Build one using instructions with something like OpenSCAD
– Draw one using Paint3D, 123D Design or many other tools
– Find one already made on Thingiverse

Start printing and clean the yard or house whilst the printer does its job. Make sure to check things are ok every now and then. Amateur 3D printers are very good at making blobs of plastic 🙂

I have shared my model on Thingiverse in case you need to print your own.

I couldn’t find one, so I decided to create one using OpenSCAD where you use a set of instructions to create shapes and combine them to make a model. It’s a bit like putting Lego bricks together. But, we can use operations like in arithmetic. It may seem strange, like doing the difference of two shapes! Use this to make a tube or hollow cylinder.

Subtraction of shapes

Next, add a disc to the bottom.

Now let’s use multiplication. I have to add some fins around the tube. I create one fin from a flattened cube and replicate it.

Time to print! Lots of time actually. This print took nearly three hours.

The final step was to remove the gas cylinder from the chair and fit the new sleeve.

Back to work now that the chair has been fixed.

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