Inlet/Drain Fault on Miele G1023 Dishwasher Fixed for $3

We usually run the dishwasher overnight, one morning the inlet/drain red light was on and the wash had not started. First of all why just have on light for both the drain and for the inlet ? Sure they have water in common but that’s about it! Diagnosis I started looking at the drain byContinue reading “Inlet/Drain Fault on Miele G1023 Dishwasher Fixed for $3”

Intro to 44 Repairs

Over the years, I have repaired cars, computers, toys, ovens, thongs, pool pumps, netball uniforms and many things I can’t remember. I aIso love DIY ranging from the typical wood working, mechanics and even utilitarian sewing! I am starting this blog to share how I have fixed things. I really hate throwing usable things away.Continue reading “Intro to 44 Repairs”